Initiative to reduce youth unemployment undertaken by Global Shapers Greek hub

Members of the “Global Shapers” Greek hub of the World Economic Forum held their third meeting in a row yesterday, at the OpenFund offices in Athens. Young people between 20-30 years old, gathered at the initiative of Ms.Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou M.P., member of the “Young Global Leaders” of the World Economic Forum who is the Curator of  the Global Shapers community in Greece.

The Greek hub’s members are young people with hopes, ideas, and will to change the world. They have the opportunity to shape the future, the future of Greece, serving common good. Each and every one of them have already demonstrated exceptional skills, vision and remarkable talents in their fields. M.s Avgerinopoulou stressed that her primary goal as a Curator is to help young people get in touch with companies and universities abroad.

Members of the Global Shapers community of Greece have already participated in the conferences of Davos and Constantinople, and they were excited to be given the unique opportunity to meet with representatives of the biggest companies in the planet, and exchange views and ideas with some of the most prominent business leaders of the world. They were also thrilled to have opened new professional and academic horizons.

In their last meeting, Global Shapers Athens hub agreed to create a communication platform in order to facilitate young people with exceptional qualifications and skills to find a job or study abroad. This is an initiative that aims to deal with soaring youth unemployment. It was also decided to further promote Ms. Avgerinopoulou’s initiative “Platform for Greece” in order to attract more foreign investments to Greece.

Ms. Avgerinopoulou will participate in the inaugural global meeting of all Curators of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum, that will be held in Switzerland between 22-27 of August.

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